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We have over a quarter of a century’s worth of knowledge, experience and contacts, geared towards acquiring, processing and selling metal waste.


A & G Metals has worked hard to develop its reputation for providing a highly responsive and agile service. We treat all commissions with equal efficiency and fairness. That extends from single transactions with small private operators to long-term contracts with huge multi-national corporations.
Our insights and expertise come from having the best team for the job. The A & G Metals’ managers – and all of our handling and logistics staff – understand the scrap metal market inside and out.

Scrap metal supply chain solutions

For all matters related to scrap metal, all you need to do is contact us, to benefit from our expertise in:

Supply chain
Sourcing to order

Our service pledge

This is an overview of the services provided by A & G Metals and the way scrap metal is priced.

If you have queries and questions about any aspect of this industry, we are always happy to help, including providing free quotes for scrap metal disposal and purchase.

One of the reasons A & G Metals has such an expanding and loyal customer base is that we offer excellent pricing. This is based on proven levels of attention to detail and industry intuition and research. Both our buying and selling quotes are consistently fair and realistic. Nothing is left to chance, and that includes using metal cost measurements that are current and assessed regularly.

In partnership with a network of interested organisations, A & G Metals uses world commodity pricing indicators to negotiate scrap metal monetary values that are transparently fair.

We can quote for scrap metal disposal, offer fair prices for scrap metal sales and always extend excellent terms to clients buying recyclable metals.

A & G Metals takes pride in its extensive end-user network.

For this reason, we collect consignments of mixed scrap metal, then process and supply materials to meet specific quantities and individual demands for high-grade metal.

Having reliable supplies of scrap metal – and such intrinsic industry insights – enables us to sell to companies who need trustworthy sources of recyclable metal, and who need quality assurances as standard.

One of the reasons we take great pride in these end-user partnerships is the satisfaction of knowing that the scrap metal collection service A & G Metals offers helps to support recycling, re-purposing and sustainable enterprises across the world.

A & G Metal’s emphasis on dedicated customer care and competitive pricing has earned us the trust of major metal recyclers. They appreciate our scrupulous efforts to import and export metal waste that keeps pace with demand, without compromising on quality

Having these strong and trust-based partnerships with end users of scrap metals is key to the services we provide to sellers too. If you want equitable and current prices for your scrap metal, you can be sure that putting arrangements in our hands offers you the best solution.

We can sell your scrap metal in a responsible and well-planned manner with clear provision of the best possible price.

Your waste management – and disposal of scrap metal – should provide you with auditable and trackable systems. It should also provide you with good returns for all sorts of metal waste you place in our hands.

If you want to benefit from our excellent relationships with organisations looking for scrap metal – and our considerable buying power – simply contact us with an overview of the waste metal you need to get rid of.

Are you in the market for non-ferrous metals to recycle? We are suppliers of metals suitable for recycling and can deliver to any country.

As worldwide suppliers, A & G Metals can offer both quality and quantity in the scrap metal it processes and sells. This is thanks to our strenuous activities to source regular amounts of validated scrap metal from across the globe.

Our handling, sorting and processing equipment and skills are at your disposal. All our scrap metal is prepared and categorised to internationally recognised grading systems, to provide clarity and to build trust. This includes taking every possible precaution to avoid contamination of our scrap metal consignments.

You can buy scrap metal from us in a wide variety of weighs, and it can be supplied bagged or lose in containers. The type, grade and weight of materials you buy will be accurate and matched to your specific requirements.

Our dependable and competitively priced supply of scrap metal is even available for countries and locations considered to be “difficult to support” in the recycled metal supply chain.

Whether you are looking for good sources of copper, brass, steel or mixed metal scrap, we can help.

As we have expert handling skills and equipment, we are more than happy to provide considerable tonnage amounts of the metals you need.

Do you need to find a scrap metal buyer in the UK? Or perhaps you need to acquire quantities of recyclable metal in Britain. From our base in Edlington (near Doncaster) we can turn around both UK collections and sales of scrap metal quickly and efficiently.

You could be wondering: “What is the minimum amount of scrap metal I can sell?” The best answer to that is to contact the friendly team at A & G Metals and we can discuss collecting your metal waste, and provide you with our latest price list.

Generally, we only collect company metal waste, but if you are a homeowner disposing of large amounts of scrap metal items, we will try to assist you. At the very least, we can help you if you need to know how to get rid of unwanted metal items in the UK.

Are you planning to export or import large or small amounts of scrap metal? We would be pleased to help you, using our insight and skills to cover metal shipping planning, preparation and paperwork.

When you are based overseas, our service can still be prompt. That’s because A & G Metals has long experience of scrap metal buying and scrap metal selling, worldwide. We export over (client to add yearly or total amount) tonnes of scrap metal to foundries, steelworks, refineries and specialist metal recyclers across the globe.

Understanding all the demands of moving scrap metal from country to country is part of the reason we are trusted for overseas transactions. We are happy to provide pre-shipment inspection surveys, and quotes for cost insurance and freight charges for delivering scrap metal.

A & G Metals has also invested time in establishing strong ties with shipping lines, to ensure that containers are always available, at a price point that makes international recycling metal shipment highly feasible.

Using our specialist container loader services and equipment, even large amounts of scrap metal can be safely stowed for transit and delivered to a new location worldwide efficiently and costeffectively.

Existing clients are based as far afield as (client to add examples).

If you are looking for scrap metal from overseas markets or seeking to manage metal waste anywhere in the world, you can tap into our expertise to arrange container shipments. This includes handling all the paperwork for importing and exporting recyclable metals, with unfailing care and attention. Leaving you with none of the headaches that can come from exporting or importing scrap

The A & G Metal customer service model ensures that your organisation has the help needed to buy or dispose of metal, within fast response times.

We are happy to discuss and quote for shipments of small quantities of metal abroad, or large international scrap metal orders.

All our metal recycling supply chain relationships are conducted within industry guidelines and with all proper training and insurance. This includes holding the correct environmental licenses for the specialist and important work that we do. Staff are developed under guidance provided by the

Waste Management and Advisory Board.

A & G Metals uses the latest technology to ensure that all the scrap metal we handle is auditable, trackable and transparently well managed. Digital and physical documentation is always scrupulously well managed.

However, A & G Metals keeps all arrangements confidential, working on a one to one basis with clients who are buying, selling or using our services to transport metal. This ensures clients can dispose of waste metal or purchase quantities of recyclable metal, with the utmost discretion.

  • Further A & G Metals industry expertise – and support for management of the metal recycling supply chain – comes from:
  • Having a tried and trusted formula for pricing metal waste by the ton.
  • Using the best metal handling equipment and skills available.
  •  Scrupulous systems to sort, grade and decontaminate scrap metal.
  • Understanding customs systems and requirements.
  • Excellent relationships with shipping lines.
  •  Access to heavy-duty loading equipment, that can handle substantial metal tonnage.
  •  Having ample space in containers to handle even large scrap metal transactions.
  •  Excellent prices, even for urgent container space for recyclable metals.
  •  Constantly advancing techniques, technology and equipment to keep pace with this expanding trade area.

A & G Metals buys, processes and sells scrap metal, to enable our clients to meet their important environmental aims and objectives.

There are many ways metals can be reused, by recycling and re-purposing materials such as aluminium, copper, steel, brass, and iron.

In fact, this sort of scrap metal can be processed and reused multiple times, to manufacture new metal sheets or to produce car body parts, trailers and a wide range of other machinery parts for example.

The wonderful thing about scrap metal recycling is that it does not reduce the quality of the resulting component, which can be as hard, pure and durable as required.

Recycling scrap metal is economically viable, as well as environmentally relevant.

Clearly, our work to process and sell scrap metal makes a substantial difference to efforts to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

However, it is also important to note that the way in which we collect and sell recyclable metals, also helps to reduce both mining and production of new materials. This represents an important energy saving, reducing emissions and assists companies to support the global sustainability agenda.


For all your scrap metal supply chain needs – we buy and sell scrap metal – and import and export scrap metals worldwide.

This is an overview of the services provided by A & G Metals and the way scrap metal is priced. If you have queries and questions about any aspect of this industry, we are always happy to help, including providing free quotes for scrap metal disposal and purchase.

What scrap metals do we buy and sell?

A & G Metals provides handling and transport of nonferrous metals, nationally and internationally,
and can offer competitive prices for clients who want to order consignments of recyclable metal.

Contact us if you are interested in disposing of any metal waste. However, our specialist area is
buying and selling (and importing and exporting) nonferrous metals.
This includes sheets, components or items constructed using:


copper recycling



Stainless Steel



Cables scrap


scrap metal sample 6

Electric Motors



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