What scrap metal can I sell; and what sort of metals can be recycled?

What scrap metal can I sell; and what sort of metals can be recycled?

The daily grind of waste management can be a headache for companies large and small. These days, the pressure is on to deal with waste disposal responsibility, sending as much as possible to be recycled as part of your company’s environmental policies.
Quite apart from a commitment to sustainability and reducing landfill waste, it could well be that your organisation is keen to try to release cash tied up in some of your waste materials too. If you can make money for “rubbish”, it makes great economic senses!
The best example of this is scrap metal. It is the inevitable offshoot of many manufacturing processes. However, a wide range of other organisations find themselves with a gathering pile of redundant machinery or parts, cans, metal sheets and other unwanted materials.
So, the big question is, how much of your scrap metal can go to be recycled, and what price could you get for selling it?

What waste metal is “sell-able”?

There is a market for all kinds of unwanted metal.
However, there is always a particularly high demand for nonferrous metals, and A & G Metals is happy to quote for purchasing quantities of this type of waste.
What is a nonferrous metal? It is copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and bronze.
How can you tell if something is a nonferrous metal? This is simple. To find out if your waste materials are nonferrous metals hold a magnet to them. If the magnet does not stick, then this is the sort of metal that can be easily sold and recycled.
Magnets are attracted to iron and materials with iron in them. This is something not included in nonferrous metals.
You will probably be surprised how much of this in-demand scrap metal is laying around your premises. It is not just about metal sheets or separate components. It could be in the form of engine parts, vehicle bodies, pipes, bicycle frames, metal beds, lawn mowers, farm equipment and even paint tins. Perhaps you have copper boilers and tanks, metal boats, steel tables, alloy wheels or composite radiators to dispose of, and you are hoping to sell them?
A & G Metals can even strip nonferrous metals from cables, electric motors and vehicle batteries too, and from washing machines, cookers and fridges, and even sinks.

What sort of price can I expect?

To get a quote for selling scrap metal – in the UK or internationally – you would need to give us a call.
Money paid for scrap metal depends not just on the weight, but also the type of materials and items you are disposing of.
The price paid is also linked to current demand and the latest commodities indices.
However, you have the assurance when working with A & G Metals, that the prices offered for metal disposal and sales are always the best possible deal.

What happens if I sell my scrap metal?

This is where the news gets even better.
Not only do you get a favourable price for selling scrap metal, but you also have the reassurance that it all goes off to be recycled and repurposed!
As an organisation, you can show commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, in the way you dispose of metal machinery and waste.
A & G Metals collects then processes all the scrap metal it purchases, or in some cases, it goes direct to clients waiting for consignments of certain categories of metal waste.
Nonferrous metals can be melted down or repurposed an infinite number of times. The resulting materials are not affected by this process and can be used to engineer new components, vehicle parts and machinery for example.
To see how you can be part of this win-win opportunity – and to sell your scrap metal – call A & G
Metals for a chat and a competitive quote.