Why is there high demand to buy recyclable metal?

Why is there high demand to buy recyclable metal?

More than a million tons of scrap metal gets sorted, re-processed and re-used, every year. That figure is rising.
That is partly due to avoiding the huge amount of wasted effort, energy and time involved in taking something from the ground, only to bury it again in landfill sites!
There is now global awareness of the need to recycle as much waste material as possible, of all kinds. Sending less rubbish to landfill is vital, and recycling on a large scale also significantly reduces the number of new items that need to be produced.
Scrap metal is one of the biggest export and import commodities around and a vital part of the sustainability agenda. Buying and selling nonferrous metals, in particular, is growing in importance.
Let’s look more deeply into the reasons behind the upsurge in scrap metal sales and purchases.

Metal is an everyday need

One of the factors is the growing role that metal plays in our lives; not just in industry but at home too. Metal machinery, pipes, cables and containers are everywhere you look! It features in household appliances, vehicles, bicycles and garden equipment too for example. Just think of all the metal paint and drink cans used across the world, and that gives you just a small glimpse of the amount of raw materials needed to keep up with demand. When metal items have served their purpose or stopped working, they become a massive waste management issue. As companies large and small tend to have a great deal of scrap metal laying around, it makes sense to dispose of it responsibly; and to get a good price for it too.

Recycling methods and benefits are growing

Having such a large amount of scrap metal to reuse, offers manufacturers of metal components, parts and other items a ready source of raw materials.

Fortunately, nonferrous metals – stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc and aluminium – can be repurposed an infinite number of times, without affecting the quality. The massive advantage of using recycled metal to create new items is that it is substantially better for the environment, and highly cost effective. For example, buying and re-purposing scrap metals avoids mining operations; and the energy and time needed to turn ore into usable materials. Energy efficiencies and less pollution are also important benefits of recycling and reusing metals. In fact, one piece of EU research suggests that using all forms of recycled materials (including metal) can reduce CO2 emissions by 200 million tonnes every year. That’s impressive!

Supply must keep up with demand

Clearly, interest in recyclable metals is high, but is there enough scrap metal around to meet this demand? One of the things that keeps this industry growing and economically viable, is that end users have a consistent, well-priced supply of the right grade of metal. Forges, metal sheet manufacturers and other companies build their successful businesses on being able to source quality scrap metal. That’s where A & G Metals comes in. We buy, collect, sort and process a wide range of metal consignments – large and small – nationally and internationally. We can then offer a steady supply of the uncontaminated, high-grade recyclable metals to our worldwide customer base. The chance to make money in this buoyant market is bringing more recycling businesses into existence every year. Many of these depend on A & G Metals’ role within the scrap metal supply chain. The message is clear. To be successful in this growth market, you need to contact A & G Metals to discuss buying, selling, importing and exporting scrap metal.